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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Manchester United vs Roma (UEFA CL)

Manchester united have managed yet another 1-0 victory at home, this time over Roma in matchday 2 of the UEFA champions league competition.

Proving their defensive dominance, Roma was left with few chances to score and they wasted most of these chances anyway. The man of the match was Nani who was popping up everywhere, causing many headaches for Roma and created many opportunities. In fact it was Nani's pass that enabled Rooney to quickly fire a shot into the far post, just outside outside the keeper's reach. Tevez also added a real spark after coming on for Saha who had a less than memorable match.

It wasn't until the goal that Roma woke up and Spaletti started making the right changes (such as bring on Pizzaro). The best chance of the night went to Esposito who blasted what was basically a sitter out wide. A fair result that Roma shouldn't be too disappointed with (especially considering their recent record at old trafford!).

Christiano Ronaldo almost scored one of the goals of the tournament with a cheeky backheel into the back of the net, but was found just offside. He was also the victim of an unintentional elbow that caused his face to spurt out a considerable amount of blood just above his left eye and probably caused thousands of teenage girls (and a few men inclined in a certain way) to faint.

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